Titel Typ Författare År
Study of the measured and perceived indoor air quality in Swedish school classrooms et al. 2020
A certification scheme for operation of buildings with well-planned and ambitious environmental improvements 2020
Guidelines with routines and documentation for handling energy requirements within the building process 2020
Not even close to the goals – A ”snapshot” of Swedish property owners’ energy renovation plans 2020
Needs of Support for Swedish Property Owners to Implement More Energy 2018
Criteria for Sustainable Buildings in Sweden 2018
Winter thermal comfort and indoor air quality in Swedish grade school classrooms, as assessed by the children 2016
Total Concept-for better decision-making about Energy Efficiency Investments in non-Residential Buildings 2015
Technical procurement of of heat recovery systems in existing apartment blocks in Sweden 2013
Ozone treatment of extract air from a restaurant kitchen with heat recovery 2013
Effect of Air Cleaning Technologies in Conjunction With the Use of Rotary Heat Exchangers in Residential Buildings 2013
Cost optimal energy efficiency in multifamily houses 2013
What is needed for a market breakthrough in the construction of passive houses, and the conversion of existing buildings to passive houses 2012
SS 24 300: A Swedish Standard for Energy Classification of Buildings 2012
Market overview of buildings with low energy use in Sweden 2011
The Nordic market for climate friendly buildings – status, barriers and opportunities 2011
Trade Introduction of a New Building Code with Requirements for Energy Performance 2010
Removal of ultrafine particles by ventilation air filters 2009
Test methods and scheme rules for energy labelling of tap water devices
Is there a role for district heating in future cities with low energy buildings? et al. 2008
Air Cleaning Technologies – Function requirements and energy efficiency 2008
A Classification of Passive House for Swedish Conditions 2008
Low-energy cooling for improved thermal comfort in offices et al. 2007
SQUARE – A quality assurance management system for retrofitting with good indoor environment and energy efficiency 2007
Standards for collectors and components in the pipeline 2007
Controlled active mass for increased thermal comfort 2007
A voluntary scheme for certification of indoor environment and energy use 2007
Measurements of water use in eight dwellings, by quantity and time 2007
A Quality Assurance System for Indoor Environment and Energy Use 2006
Demand-controlled hybrid ventilation –an alternative? 2006
Assessment concept for the building design process using the Eco-factor method 2006
Towards procedures for environmental performance assessment of solar thermal products 2005
Quality assurance of indoor environment and energy use 2005
An Eco-factor method for assessment of building performance 2005
Users’ Perceptions – Experiences from Swedish and Danish Office Buildings 2004
Energy savings by installing variable air volume systems (VAV) in existing office buildings 2004
Environmental assessment of energy systems for heating in dwellings 2003
Solar Keymark -High qualitative testing of solar collectors 2003

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