An Eco-factor method for assessment of building performance

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The new European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will increase the pressure for energy improvement but a one-sided concentration on energy efficiency might be introduced at the expense of indoor climate. It is, therefore, essential that energy optimisation is integrated with assessment of indoor climate and there is a need of an assessment tool that evaluates the performance of different energy system solutions. Therefore, an Eco-factor method has been developed that aims to assist architects, engineers, builder and clients in the decision process of office building design.

The Eco-factor illustrates the impact of two core issues: the energy related environmental impact and indoor climate. The method consists of an index system based on indicators of physical properties that describes the environmental impact and the indoor comfort in a common score, called the ”Eco-factor”. The outdoor environmental impact part is based on emissions from operational energy use of different energy sources. All emissions during the energy sources. complete life cycle are considered ”from cradle to grave”. The indoor climate part considers aspects that are closely interrelated with energy use, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

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