Lagring och analys av mätdata i persondator

Tillämpning på projekt värmelaststudier
  • Utgivare: Inst. för Energi & Miljö, Avd. Installationsteknik, Chalmers
  • År: 1992
  • ISBN:0283-8761
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A data base for a large-scale long-term monitoring project The city of Gothenburg has an extensive district heating system (Peak load 1000 MW, annual energy supply 3000 GWh). In order to improve the knowledge of the energy end-use patterns, a long-term monitoring project has been carried out in a sample of substations of the district heating system. In every 50 substations, 5 – 7 parameters have been measured every 15 minute, e.g. the energy needed for space heating, the energy needed for water heating, the water flow rates and a number of temperatures.

The period of the monitoring project has been 18 months and during this time an amount of about 15 millions of measured data was to be registered. In order to enable an efficient handling of the measured data on a PC computer and facilitate the analysis of the large quantity of data obtained, a special data base has been developed.

•    The base has some special advantages;
•    the transfer rate of reading from the base and putting in measured data into it is fast,
•    the base itself is very compact,
•    the base includes special analysis routines,
•    the base is also adapted for standard analysis programmes, e.g., Excel and SAS.

The basic reason for developing a special data base is that it has been regarded as most essential that the monitoring and the analyses could be carried out efficiently without limitations set by the data base. The report gives an account more in detail of the ideas behind the design of the base, the way of developing, the structure and the build-up of the base as well as the analysis options offered by the base. Some examples of analyses are also included. The evaluation in relation to the monitoring project will be presented in a separate report.

Available at Chalmers library

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