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Titel Typ Författare År
Inspection of ventilation systems 2021
Electrostatic Precipitators as an Indoor Air Cleaner et al. 2020
Modelling of rooms with active chilled beams 2020
High Temperature District Cooling: Challenges and Possibilities Based on an Existing District Cooling System and its Connected Buildings 2020
Performance evaluation of a direct ground-coupled self-regulating active chilled beam system 2020
Building status obtained before renovating multifamily buildings in Sweden 2019
A thermal model of an active chilled beam 2017
Induction ratio of active chilled beams 2016
Indoor air quality in passive and conventional new houses in Sweden 2015
Ionizer Assisted Air Filtration for Collection of Submicronand Ultrafine Particles 2015
Intermediate air filters for general ventilation applications: An experimental evaluation of various filtration efficiency expressions. 2013
Thermal performance of gas-filled flat plate solar collectors 2009
Swedish solar heated residential area with seasonal storage in rockh 2008
Ultrafine particles produced by ozone/limonene reactions in indoor air under low/closed ventilation conditions 2008

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