Solar Keymark -High qualitative testing of solar collectors

  • Utgivare: ISES Solar World Congress 2003, Paper no P3 17, Göteborg, Sweden, June 14-19, 2003
  • År: 2003
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The Altener project Solar Keymark ws initialized in 2001 with the aim to introduce the CEN/CENELEC Mark for solar thermal products as ”Solar Keymark”, wich will act as a common EU quality label. To be able to certify a product with at Keymark it must be tested according to an EN standard. The EN standard for solar collectors (EN 12975) was ready in 2000 but it was not harmonized. This meant that nearly no laboratories were performing the tests and that there was no mutual acceptance for the test results. It is necessary that several laboratories are accredited and experienced in performing the test to get a fair market for testing and a large market access for the Solar Keymark.

One of the main tasks in the Solar Keymark project has therefore been to establish a network of test laboratories with the objectives to coorporate in order to get mutual acceptance of the test results, to implement the standard, to get accreditation and improve the standard. The solar collector network has already reached substantial results with 13 laboratories that have implemented the standard’s test procedures and eight of them already accredited for performing the tests. Several weaknesses in the standard have been identified and actions have been taken in order to improve the standards. The established network has promising qualifications for constructive competition and future cooperation in projects for increasing the market for solar thermal products thus contributing to a sustainable society.

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