Clean surge air – a research project funded by FORMAS

According to the WHO, there needs to be more knowledge about the effect of simple ventilation solutions in operating rooms. This project responds to WHO’s call for proposals and aims to develop a simple concept that can be used in all healthcare facilities, regardless of the room’s conditions and the building. A particular focus is on making it implementable even in low-income countries.

The goal is to develop a concept and technical solution that at least meets the current Nordic guidelines on air quality in general surgery, even if the operating room has no other ventilation at all. In addition, the technology is expected to be significantly cheaper, simpler, smaller, quieter, more energy efficient and more flexible than today’s traditional solutions. In the long term, this means more people can receive care, fewer people are infected, and the preparedness and capacity of important response organizations increase.


Lars E. Ekberg +46 70-315 11 55
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