Indoor Climate

Correct indoor climate requirements and technical systems that work at their best.

When working correctly, heating, ventilation and comfort cooling provide a comfortable indoor climate.

We help governmental authorities, suppliers, and companies to specify distinct and relevant requirements for the quality of the indoor climate.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, we assist the various stakeholders in the construction and management process with technical support regarding indoor climate issues.

We work with various building types such as residential, offices, schools and other premises. As specialists in sensitive indoor environments, we work in for example the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer:

  • Impact analyses and decision support
  • Functional checks and troubleshooting
  • Problem solving and proposing solutions
  • Verification by measurements
  • Increased user satisfaction through communication support
  • Expert opinions in third-party review and disputes
  • Certification of cleanroom inspectors


Mari-Liis Maripuu

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