Seminar on The Role of Digitalisation in the Transformation of Industry

Datum: 11 juni 2024

Time: Tuesday 11 June, 12 noon – 5 pm, buffet lunch included
Place: Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Vasagatan 1, Stockholm
Language: English
Registration: Monday 27 May, using this form. To avoid food waste, please let us know if you will not attend the lunch. The seminar is free of charge. 

The seminar is a cooperation between the Swedish Energy Agency’s seminar series for networking with the international IEA work in the IETS TCP  (Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems), in cooperation with CIT Renergy and the two Swedish IETS consortia on Industrial Digitalisation (led by Senior Researcher Mehrzad Lavassani, PiiA) and Industrial Symbiosis (led by  Senior Researcher Rickard Fornell, RISE). 


For the transformation of industry, new industrial plants will be built, e.g. “green industries”, and big changes in incumbent industrial plants will be needed, e.g., integration of new processes and technologies, energy efficiency measures, and interplay with existing processes and technologies. This means that new, non-traditional designs and system solutions will be needed. In this development, new methods and tools for AI and digitalisation will play an important role. There is an urgent need for more collaboration between digitalisation and system/integration experts and for the development of common methods and tools. These aspects will be discussed in the seminar.  

The aims

-To present and discuss the role of AI tools and digitalisation in big projects for the transformation of industry

-To identify the needs for more cooperation between digitalisation and systems integration experts

-To discuss ways for developing R&D projects between experts and industry in this joint area

-To discuss opportunities for networking internationally e.g. IETS TCP.


13.00 Welcome
 Ann-Britt Elenius
Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Delegate in the IETS TCP

The IETS TCP — A short presentation
Johanna Mossberg
Swedish Energy Agency, Chair of the IETS TCP

Contents and aims of the seminar
Roger Nordman
Business Area Manager, Industry, CIT Renergy

International work in the IETS TCP in AI/Digitalization and Industrial Symbiosis
Mehrzad Lavassani, Senior Researcher, PIIA
Rickard Fornell, Renior Researcher, RISE


AI for operation and design of industrial energy systems- opportunities and challenges 
Timo Laukkanen
Staff Scientist, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

Industrial data analysis – A process control perspective
Karin Eriksson, Project Manager and Veronica Olesen, University Lecturer, Chalmers University of Technology

Methods for identifying non-traditional designs and system solutions for transformation in existing industrial plants
Tharun Roshan Kumar
Ph.D. Student, Chalmers University of Technology

Applications of AI in Energy-Intensive Processes
Konstantinos Kyprianidis
Professor, Mälardalen University

15.00 Break


AI Factory
Amit Patwardhan
PhD Student, Department of Civil, Environment and Natural Resources Engineering, Luleå University of Technology

Boliden Edge Lab
Rasmus Tammia
Program Manager – Artificial Intelligence in Mining, Boliden

Collaborative digital modelling for strategic decision-making
Rickard Fornell
Senior Researcher Industrial Transition, RISE


Discussion leader: Roger Nordman, Business Area Manager, Industry, CIT Renergy

17.00 End of seminar


Mehrzad Lavassani, PiiA  
Rickard Fornell, RISE
Roger Nordman, CIT Renergy


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